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Misty Pink_SunYeoung (Full Set)

Price: $6
70.00 + Shipping
Deposit $3
35 + Balance $335 & Shipping
Manufacture Time 2~3 months.

First Doll of SunYeong sculpture.
New Body with 20 articulations.
Two extra hands.
A pair of glove hands
Dressing hands.
Light pinky skin tone.
Make up with applied eyelashes.
Fully blushed body including manicures and pedicures.
Sided curly hair by talented Ilaria.
Pink ball gown with black lace and hand stitched beads.
Pink cape with hand stitched beads.
Inner skirt.
Mint platform heels.
Golden leather handbag.
Ear-rings made of swarovski crystals.
Black leather necklace.

Stand is Not included.

SunYeong_Blank Doll

Price: $450.00 + Shipping
Manufacture Time 2 months.

Blank head
Fully blushed body including manicures and pedicures.
Light pinky skin tone.
Two extra hands
A pair of glove hands
Dressing hands.
Outfits, wig and stand in Not included.

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Misty Pink_SunYeoung
Shipping Charge
SunYeong_Blank doll

*SunYeong has always wanted to be a K-pop singer since she was a kid. One day she was walking down a street in Gangnam and
was caught by a manager from a model agency.
She was hoping it was about singer, but it was modeling. Maybe it was because of her tall height.
But she thought she will get closer to her dream if she would do something in this industry.
So she decided to be a model. she found modeling is very fun as well with beautiful dresses and make-up.
She posed in pink ball gown for Korean major Fashion Magazine and it made her well known to public.
Because of her lovely babyface, some people said she's not like high fashion model in Korea, but Magazine editors found her face is versatile.
And she is getting more popular with her TV friendly face. Maybe she really got closer to her dream.
Is she gonna be a singer someday? Nobody knows, but she's not giving up yet. So we shall see.

I wanted to make another Asian girl with open mouth. My former one, HyeJin was Asian girl with open mouth, but I wanted to make different one.
So I tried to make more rounded and lovely face on this sculpture. I have made realistic fashion doll faces.
Since SunYeoung has rounded face, her sculpture seemed a little simpler than my other sculptures. But when she was done,
she seemed more lively with her open mouth.
Someone told me she seems to talk to her something. It's quiet compliment I think.
During the work process, my duplicator kept making troubles and she got delayed so much.
I was kinda exhausted and upset because of those endless troubles from factory and I felt like my passion's all gone.
Actually I wasn't happy at all to receive her duplicated heads because those some sample heads still had some little problems.
I was just upset about the situation and had to fire him.
But I still had to work on my new doll and after painting her faces, I became happy with her look.
She kept changing as I painted her face.
Because of her girlish face features, I was planning more causal and young fashion, but I and my tailor changed her dress more dramatic.
We really loved the black lace. Top part was originally designed when I was making Carmen. I just kept it and tried it this time.
And my tailor added some japanese beads on it. I also made vintage blue colored gloves to mix with pink dress.
Golden buckles on shoes were made by Emil'a who also makes fashion dolls.
I bought it from her last year and I though this really fits on SunYeoung's look.
It was another long time work. I do hope you love it.

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