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Gabriella The Grace

Price: $6
70.00 + Shipping
Deposit $3
35 + Balance $335 & Shipping
Manufacture Time 2~3 months.

Totally New Doll.
Doll of Gabriella sculpture.
New Body with 20 articulations.
Two extra hands.
A pair of glove hands
with arm warmers.
Dressing hands.
Latte skin tone.
Make up with applied eyelashes.
Fully blushed body including manicures and pedicures.
Braided updo hair wig by talented Ilaria.
Draped dress.
60s inspired
Black platform heels.
Black clutch bag.
Ear-rings and necklace made of usual beads and swarovski crystals.
Black belt.

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*Artist note.
Gabriella, new model & actress who plays a 60s beauty role.
Gabriella was a new model and made a sensation with her beautiful facial features as soon as she appeared in some magazines and runways.
She already did openings and finals on several runways in her first two years as a model.
Soon she got several lovecalls from movie directors and she made a debut as an actress.
Her first role was a sophisticated beauty who loves shopping in Rome. Her action wasn't good, but people thought she is still lovely in the film.
And her mint dress and her braided updo hairstyle in her film became her signature look.
Because of some magazine critics, she decided not to act anymore, but she is still getting a lot of lovecalls.
Maybe she will consider another film in future after long time practice.

I wanted to make an Italian beauty with healthy skin tone under the Mediterranean seas sun.
It took over one year to develop new body and head. During my long time work, her face had changed several times,
but Im happy about her current face
. The new body that I also started to make since January in 2016, is more natural and realistic. Its very delicate and poseable.
I tried to express those anatomic details still beautifully. You will be able to find small details here and there on the new body.
My former dolls were very tall but Gabriella is more petit size so she can wear more clothes of other companies more easily than my former dolls.
I was inspired by 60s classic and graceful look. I though
t Gabriella could be a classic beauty with braided updo hair.
In fact, Ilaria made this wig
for me in February 2016, now that I can reveal this new style after a lot of delays. This wig is so feminine and graceful.
And I made a pair of gloves. Gabriella needed gloves to complete this
graceful look. But I disliked dolly gloves like mittens or painted hands that still have nails.
So I sculpted glove hand parts too. If you put it with arm warmer, it can be long gloves. If you just put it alone, it could be short gloves.
I have had this idea for long time and finished gloves months ago,
but I kept it secret because I didnt want to reveal till I can show you this with whole look.
Ill make gloves with more colors. You can try more details on the gloves by yourself like fur or ribbon.

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