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Lullaby of Birdland_SunYeoung (Full Set)

Price: $
700.00 + Shipping
Deposit $3
50 + Balance $350 & Shipping
Manufacture Time 2~3 months.

SunYeong sculpture.
New Body with 20 articulations.
Two extra hands.
Dressing hands.
Light tan skin tone.
Make up with applied eyelashes.
Fully blushed body including manicures and pedicures.
Golden curly hair by talented Ilaria.
Pink blouse with beads buttons on sleeves.
Feather decorated skirt.
Golden platform heels.
Golden leather big bag. (You can open the bag)
Ear-rings made of swarovski crystals and beads.

(+A Pair of glove hands_not colored)


SunYeong_Blank Doll

Price: $450.00 ($480.00) + Shipping
Manufacture Time 2 months.

Blank head
Fully blushed body including manicures and pedicures.
Light Pink skin tone/Light tan skin tone
Two extra hands
A pair of glove hands (Not colored)
Dressing hands.
Outfits, wig and stand in Not included.

Make sure you read the information and terms before placing an order.
Lullaby of Birdland (Full Set)
Shipping Charge
SunYeong_Blank doll

*Lullaby of Birdland is very glamorous and graceful just like birds.

I wanted to create more glamorous doll this time. By a chance, I saw an image of flamingos on shore at sunset.
I loved the photo and especially I was fascinated by the colors. So I chose colors from flamingos and waters at sunset.
Pinks from Flamingo and sky.
Deep blue from water. and gold from sun-reflected water.
We tried so hard to make the beautiful shape of blouse.
I wanted it to be curvy like birds. So the sleeves were really difficult to make.
They should be big like wings and lean like flamingo.
Our dressmaker had to change the patterns so many times and finally made this fit.
To make it tight, we made beads buttons on wrists.
The big ribbon on her back is also like tail feathers of birds.
We also cut feathers into small pieces for doll scale. Those feathers are featured on blouse, skirt and bag.
Golden shoes with swarovski crystals like sunset are also matched with her glamorous hair, golden big bag and
golden lace on her blouse, which replaces her necklaces.

SunYeong was made for very sweet and lovely look, but she's changed totally.
I didn't know that this sculpture would be this versatile. With different skin tone and make-up, she looks very exotic.

I hope you'll love her!





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