Precautionary Statement

+Our dolls are handcasted dolls from silicon moulds and Dolls may have some traces from moulds like seams, tiny cracks, tiny marbles and tiny bubbles.

+Do not duplicate or copy this doll or any part of my works without my permission.

+Avoid strong light and sunlight.
Resin can be discolored by UV. We use anti-discoloring spray but it cannot stop discoloring perfectly.

+Avoid strong percussion, Do not drop the doll. Resin is pretty hard but thin parts like finger or sockets can be broken or chipped.

+Do not let the doll stay in dark colored outfits for long time. Some dark fabric can stain on dolls' body.

+Avoid heat and fire.
Resin can be transformed or extended by heat and doll's poseability might get worse.

+Do not twist limbs of the dolls.
Dolls have elastic cords inside and if they got twisted a lot, the dolls' poseability might get worse.

+Be careful of painting and blushing of dolls.
We color the dolls with various materials like acrylic colors, Lacquer and Pastels and Sealer.
Although we coat them, it can be removed or damaged by acetone or scrubs.
The colors or coat on articulation area can be scrubbed by joints.

+Do not sand dark toned dolls.
Sanding can make some color difference on the body, especially on dark toned dolls.

+Be careful of salty water.
Dolls have tiny metallic parts and they can get rusty by salty water.
If a doll got in salty water, cleanse them by fresh water and tower carefully.

+Ball-Jointed-Resin-Dolls are heavier than plastic dolls and its joints are very smooth, so it cannot stand its own weight or hold its poses in some poses or angles.