Mazarine Blue doll is 16" Exclusive Fashion BJD with 20 articulations.

We want to make beautiful and unique dolls, and more realistic.

I have always been doing artistic things in my life
Though I recall I used to make doll clothes and paper dolls when I was a kid,
I'd never thought I would be a doll artist.
When I was a teenager, I became a huge fan of pop singers and naturally I became interested in their fashion.
So I wanted to make clothes by myself, and I was searching for my models and I found barbie dolls.
Those fashion-model-like dolls could be my models and I fell in love with dolls.
As time went by, naturally I wanted to make my own dolls.
Because I wanted my own fashion models, I tried to make more realistic model-like dolls.

I started to make my own dolls since 2007.
And doll work is full of artistic things like sculpting, designing, paiting, faber art and concept making.
this work is not easy but we're really enjoying this work.
We do hope you'll love our works.

E-mail: mbluedoll@yahoo.com
Korean Business number: 120-54-00103 Atelier Bliss