Mazarine Blue doll is 16" Fashion BJD with 20 articulations.
I want to make more realistic and beautiful dolls and, at the same time, unique dolls.



My name is JungSuk Ko and I am living in South Korea.

I have been doing Art in my whole life. I always wanted to do artistic things in my life.
But I never thought it would be art toys.
I recall I used to make paper dolls and dresses of dolls when I was a kid.
Who expected that I would really become a doll artist?
Now I've been making my own fashion dolls for years and It's full of art like sculpting, painting, designing and making concepts.
Making dolls isn't easy at all, but I'm really enjoying my work and I hope you enjoy my works as much as I do.




E-mail: mbluedoll@yahoo.com
Korean Business number: 120-54-00103 Atelier Bliss