Mazarine Blue Doll is Korean BJD brand run by Jungsuk Ko based in Seoul, Korea.

I've always loved arts since I was a very young kid.
One of my earliest memories is drawing swans in from of my family guests as they asked for
and cutting very detailed paper butterflies or snowflakes with my mother.
I'd always dreamed of being an artist.
I chose BJDs cause Making Dolls is full or arts.
I sculpt, Paint, Design, Photograph, sew and tutor other artists.
My first dolls were Fashion BJDs fully articulated and as I started to tutor other doll artists and students who want to make BJDs,
Naturally I started to make other BJDs as well.
Now I'm making a lot of kinds of Dolls in various sizes and I also make other dolls for some Korean BJDs companies.
Hope you'll enjoy my works as much as I do!

E-mail: mbluedoll@yahoo.com
Korean Business number: 120-54-00103 Atelier Bliss