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Mazarine Blue Doll presents the first SD Boy head ‘Laaon’
Korean boy with realistic features Inspired by K-pop boy singers

He has open mouth but it's very slightly open so you just can do a makeup as closed mouth if you want.

Made to be fit to 65cm-tall SD17 bodies (Miggidoll body, Volks Body shown here)

Skin: Light Apricot, Cream White
Eyes: 12~14mm
(12mm is more recommended)
Wig: 8~9 inch

Pre-Order Period: November 1st 21:00 ~ November 7th 23:00 (Korean Time)
Make sure your phone number when you place an order
(Can be closed earlier by order numbers)



Laaon Head

Shipping Charge


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Countries Southeast Asia China
Hong Kong
Europe Africa
South America
Shipping Price $17.00 $23.00 $27.00 $30.00 $33.00

Fits to Volks 17 Boy body and similar sized body.

Price: $150 $135 + Shipping (10% Off for first order event)
Manufacuring Time:  4~8 weeks
(Can be advanced or delayed due to factory schedule)

Make-Up is NOT available

-Please write your phone number for safe shipping when you place an order

We start to make heads according to your order, so it can’t be cancelled. So please be sure to make order carefully.
We ship via EMS
(International Shipping for Italy)
We accept only PAYPAL.


*First Pre-order event.

*10% Discount for every order ($150 $135)
*Free giveaway- One pair of earrings (Design or color is random)
*Heads’ ears are pierced in request (Basic spots only)
*Instagram & Twitter Event-Repost & Retweet and the winner will get a head for free
*After shipping, please make a review and the winner will get a new sculpted head for free


*It may have some sanding trace or gate trace, Parting lines, Minor dusts or bubble
*Head cap may not fit perfectly because of resin casting
*Make-up, Wig, Eyes, body are NOT included
*Comes with certification
*You can NOT duplicate or recast our sculpture


Light Apricot & Cream White
(Light Apricot is light color which is usually called 'Normal' among doll companies)


Head width : 6cm
Head length: 9cm
From chin to brow ridge: 4.8cm
Eye width: 11mm
Head circumference: 22.2cm (about 8.7inch)

It may vary by measure method

Neck articulation width: 3.5cm
Neck hole: 12mm

S-ring hole length: 28mm


Make up example done by Sarasoo




12mm eyes, 8.5inch wig


12mm narrow eyes, 8.5inch wig

12mm narrow eyes, 8.5inch wig

12mm narrow eyes, 8.5inch wig

12mm narrow eyes, 8.5inch wig



12mm eye, 8~9inch wig


12mm eye, 8inch wig, Miggidoll body with silicone cap on neck


12mm eye, 8inch wig



12mm eye, Cream White Color


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